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UTSW Rodent Behavior Core

Overview of Services


The UTSW Rodent Behavior Core can assist investigators in all aspects of rodent behavioral testing including design and execution, as well as data analysis and interpretation.


The core facility is equipped to perform a broad battery of behavioral tests to assess overall motor and sensory function of mice and rats as well as emotional and congitive function of the animals. Specific behaviors of interest to the investigators can also be investigated.


The Core director has over 20 years of experience in rodent behavior and the Core technician has more than 3 years experience in behavior testing.



Shari Birnbaum Associate Professor, Director



Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Open: 24/7

Staffed: 9am - 5pm M-F   

UT Southwestern Medical Center

Dept. of Psychiatry

2201 Inwood Rd.

Dallas,TX 75235


Links and Resources

Rodent Behavior Core


Name Role Phone Email Location
Shari Birnbaum
Priscilla Saenz