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UTSW Proteomics Core


Samples can be dropped off in Y4.106, 24 hours a day. Please notify us at once you have dropped off samples.

To ship samples to us, please send tracking information to and ship samples to:

UTSW Proteomics Core

5323 Harry Hines Blvd., Y4.306

Dallas, TX 75390-9038 



Overview of Services

The proteomics core facility is in dedicated laboratory, office, and instrument space in the Green Biomedical Research Building (Y Building, South Campus). Our core facility currently houses state of the art mass-spectrometry platforms run by expert staff that allow us to provide fee-based services, including:

  • Protein and peptide identification from gels and solutions, including complex mixture analysis
  • Identification and localization of post-translational-modifications (PTMs), including phosphopeptide enrichment for global phosphoproteomics
  • Quantitation of peptides and proteins
  • Intact mass analysis of proteins in solution
  • Selected reaction monitoring (SRM) for absolute protein quantitation
  • Sample fractionation for deeper analysis

Our mass-spectrometry instrumentation is supported by computational infrastructure and software to enable us to get the most out of the data we acquire from your samples.

Please visit our main website at for more details.


Andrew Lemoff, Ph.D. || Assistant Professor, Core Director


Location and hours of operation 

Hours Location


9 am-5 pm  

5323 Harry Hines Blvd. Room Y4.306

Dallas, TX 75390-9038

Links and Resources

UTSW Proteomics Core website


Core Members

Mohammad Goodarzi, Ph.D. || Instructor

Xuemei Luo, Ph.D. || Research Scientist

Joe Otto, Ph.D. || Research Scientist

Xiaoqin Tu || Research Assistant II




Name Role Phone Email Location
Proteomics Core
e-mail address for questions
Sample Dropoff Y4.106
Andrew Lemoff, Ph.D.
Director, Proteomics Core Facility

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