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UTSW Department of Biochemistry NMR Core

Overview of Services

The Biochemistry NMR Core offers access to three high field and high resolution NMR spectrometers capable of multi-nuclear and multi-dimensional experiments. Our main focus is to support the research of the chemists in the Department, and our instrumentation and setup are geared towards the elucidation of small molecules with relatively short but frequent runs. The Core is a 24/7 open access facility where after receiving the required training, users operate the instrument and run their own samples. Services are also provided to those who prefer to have their samples run for them and to customers outside of the University.


Dr. Feng Lin

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Open 24/7  

L4.504 & L1.103

Links and Resources

  1. UTSW Department of Biochemistry NMR Core


Name Role Phone Email Location
Dr. Feng Lin