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Overview of Services

In 2018-19, UT Southwestern embarked on an ambitious gene therapy program, the future of curative medicine, by establishing Viral Vector Core lab and GMP AAV Viral Vector production facility to serve its own clinical studies and the community at large. Through building a professional team of unique expertise and collaborative efforts with multiple stakeholders, our goal is to establish a highly efficient full-service viral vector production facility that can respond timely to provide AAV-based research reagents and services to investigators at UT Southwestern, as well as to facilitate translational research applying gene therapy approaches to treat genetic disease. The objective is to deliver the highest quality AAV vectors to our academic, government, foundation, and biotech industry clients.


Our primary mission is to serve the research community at UT Southwestern by providing AAV vectors and associated services for gene therapy translational studies.  Through dedicated efforts of highly skilled professional investigators, collaborators and foundations, we will bring the future of gene-based medicine into the present.


To be a leading gene therapy program, locally, nationally and globally.

Team Values

  • Dedication to patient care
  • Honesty
  • Process Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Commitment
  • Efficiency
  • Dynamic

Production Facility

The Viral Vector Core is located on the 4th floor of the Green Research Building (Building Y) on UT Southwestern’s south campus. The space includes separate suites for Process Development, Quality Control (Y4.206) and GMP AAV Viral Vector production facility (Y4.230).

Our Production Platform

Our production process utilizes triple-transfection of suspension HEK293 cells, using serum-free media. Our GMP production suite can utilize a 500 L bioreactor for a single production run.  Downstream purification of AAV relies on filtration, concentration, and chromatography steps without the use of density gradients.  We maintain consistency of our manufacturing process across all production scales (0.5 L to 500 L), to ensure comparability of the product throughout the translational pipeline.  


Steven Gray, Ph.D. | Director, Vitral Vector Core 

Samer Dashi, M.S. | GMP Operations Manager

Trifon Jordanou, MBA | Business Finance Manager 

Location and hours of operation

Hours  Location

Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm 


Links and Resources

  1. Viral Vector Core - Pediatrics Website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Steven Gray, Ph.D.
Director, Vitral Vector Core
Samer Dashi, M.S.
GMP Operations Manager
Trifon Jordanou, MBA
Business Finance Manager