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The Division of Translational Research Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in the Department of Radiology
at UT Southwestern (UTSW) Medical Center brings together a number of internationally recognized
laboratories and investigators with a strong record of leadership in the basic development and clinical
application of magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy and MRI-guided interventions. The aims of
the Division are to carry out fundamental research that may lead either to the development of new
techniques and interventions using MRI or to an improved understanding of the pathophysiology of disease
for diagnosis and treatment. One of the most important goals is to translate these advances rapidly into
clinical practice, thereby improving the fundamental capabilities of diagnostic and theranostic imaging and
improving the standard of study participant care.

One overarching theme connecting the various research interests – a theme shared with the clinical MRI
Section– is a push to obtain comprehensive structural/anatomic information as rapidly as possible so that the
time saved may be invested in determining tissue and organ function. Various aspects of the collective
research program address, on the one hand, techniques for rapid imaging and, on the other hand, methods
to extract biologically and clinically relevant functional information ranging from the molecular to the
macroscopic scale. This combined expertise allows Radiology Translational Research investigators to
improve MRI robustness and accuracy/precision to achieve consistent diagnostic quality examinations
regardless of the study participant’s clinical condition while also acquiring data for quantitative analysis
of disease status. Another important theme, also aligned with the clinical MRI section, is to integrate MRI
information into treatments – for planning, monitoring, and monitoring response to novel therapies.


Ananth Madhuranthakam, PhD | Assistant Professor/Director

Ivan Pedrosa, MD, PhD | Medical Director 

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Monday to Friday: 7am-5pm

  2201 Inwood Rd.
  Dallas, Texas 75390

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