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The Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Center of Excellence features a state-of-the-art MEGIN Triux-Neo whole-head MEG system. The system is used to noninvasively and continuously measure brain activity, and offers excellent temporal (<1 ms) and good spatial (3-5 mm) precision. The system has 306 SQUID sensors (102 magnetometers and 204 planar gradiometers) with a dynamic range of +/- 20nT and high tolerance for magnetic interference. The system has an internal closed loop helium recycler, limiting helium consumption and downtime for refills to virtually zero. The suite is fully outfitted for behavioral experiments with data from each device time locked to the MEG recordings as well as time matched video recording. Equipment includes: E-Prime 3 software, left and right 5-finger button response pads, laser response pads, pneumatic headsets for auditory stimuli, Panasonic PT-DS12K DLP projector, optical light sensors, accelerometers, optical microphone, and DC current stimulator. In addition, a Polhemus fastrak system is available for surface registration to MRI. 64-channel MEG-safe EEG caps are available in a variety of sizes. Disposable electrodes for time-locked EEG, EOG, EMG, and EKG are also provided. The MEG scanner is housed in a Premium 3-layer Vaccuumshmelze magnetically shielded room with the highest shielding factors commercially available. The MEG scanner is available for both clinical and research studies. 


Joseph Maldjian, MD | Director

Elizabeth Davenport, PhD | Technical Director

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Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm 

  2201 Inwood Rd.
  Dallas, TX 75235

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  1. ANSIR Lab
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