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Over the past decade image processing has become an integral part of both preclinical and translational imaging studies. The reasons for this include the need for both quantification of imaging results and the need for relating the results of these imaging studies to results obtained from metabolic, proteomic and genomic assays. More recently, there has been increasing awareness that heterogeneity metric derived from pathologies observed on images can have both predictive value on disease aggressiveness and progression as well as responses to treatment. Accordingly we have established the Image Processing Core to provide access to state of the art image processing algorithms that are not normally available in the investigators own laboratories.
Flywheel provides a HIPAA compliant PACS system for archiving Clinical and preclinical research imaging studies. The installed and supported PACS system is a web-based, secure, project-oriented resource available to Faculty researchers in Radiology and their collaborators. The system currently has 140 Terabytes of storage capacity. It also has the capability of performing customized de-identification of images acquired in Clinical Trials to preserve patient confidentiality.

ANSIR lab dataset processing provides:

  1. Fully automated analysis of neuro MRI data including structural analysis using SPM and Freesurfer, task and resting state fMRI processing, Diffusion Tensor image processing, automated FLAIR white matter lesion segmentation, Arterial Spin Label MRI processing, and quantitative susceptibility mapping.
  2. Project-specific XNAT database storage allowing retrieval and queries of imaging and metadata.
  3. Clinical alerts without a formal report can be provided for incidental findings.
  4. Additional custom project-specific services may be available following consultation and based on resource availability.

Mint Lesion software (IM4T) provides centralized image analysis for oncology clinical trials across the institution. The program will provide measurements of tumor response criteria, including Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors (RECIST) and other variants utilized for these assessments. Management of this core will be facilitated using the Precision Imaging Metrics software, which incorporates both imaging and workflow management into its platform.


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