UTSW NMR Metabolomics Core Facility


Overview of Services

The NMR metabolomics core facility provides analytical nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers. These instruments are typically used to analyze extracts from tissues or liquids from various sources, including animal or human tissue biopsies, blood samples, urine samples, and standards as needed.  Investigations commonly include (i) measurements of metabolic fluxes after 13C/2H labelled isotope administration to humans or animals; (ii) metabolic fingerprinting with 1H and 13C NMR; (iii) measurements of relaxation, polarization and binding properties of contrast agents; and (iv) direct exams of cultured cells. 


Anke Henning, PhD|Professor

Qiong Wu, PhD|Director NMR Metabolomics Core Facility


Location and hours of operation

Hours        Location

24 Hours/7 Days a Week

Staffed Hours:
Monday-Friday 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

     2201 Inwood Rd.
     UTSW North Campus
     Dallas, TX 75390-8568

Links and Resources

  1. UTSW Advanced Imaging Research Center


Name Role Phone Email Location
Qiong Wu, PhD
Director of NMR Core Facility
2201 Inwood Rd. UTSW North Campus Dallas, TX 75390-8568