UTSW Biostatistics and Data Science Core (BDSC)

Overview of Services

The Biostatistics and Data Science Core (BDSC) aims to provide statistical and data science support for UTSW research projects. The BDSC team consists of experienced biostatisticians and data scientists with capacity of handling and analyzing biomedical research, clinical, and population health data. Services provided by BDSC include data processing, curation, integration, analysis, and management. Service can be requested in the form of hourly, fee-based projects or fixed FTE contracts. Service types include:


- Coordination: Guide users to find appropriate quantitative collaborative resources on campus for their projects.

- Study design and grant application assistance: Provide statistical considerations for various research studies.

- Data analysis support:

    > Data pre-processing and preparation for analysis-ready format.

    > Perform data analysis, statistical modeling, and machine learning for various types of biomedical, clinical, and population health data.

    > Prepare tables and figures for scientific meetings, papers, and grant applications.

- Database development and data management: Support for investigators with problems concerning data acquisition, management, and analysis, including developing secured databases for clinical research.


Donghan "Mo" Yang, PhD Director

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday
9AM - 5PM

Virtual reception only (see contact email below)


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UTSW Biostatistics and Data Science Core