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As one of the world’s foremost research institutions, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center™ fosters “no-fence” multidisciplinary research and rigorous scientific training in both basic and clinical research.  


UT Southwestern has a superb international reputation for life-changing research that has led to some of the most important discoveries of our generation, including the life-saving statin drugs.


Our discoveries make a difference.



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   Administrative Contact:

Julie Ayala


iLab Cores at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
UTSW Advanced Imaging Research Center (AIRC) Human MR Imaging Core Jeannie Baxter jeannie.baxter@utsouthwestern.edu 214-645-2726
UTSW Aston Core U9 - Office of Clinical Research New Study Usage Request CRUAdministration@utsouthwestern.edu
UTSW Biomarker Research Core (BRC) Farjana Fattah PhD MBA farjana.fattah@utsouthwestern.edu 214-648-1109
UTSW Clinical Research Unit (CRU) Teresa Eversole Teresa.Eversole@utsouthwestern.edu 214-648-9212
UTSW Cryo-Electron Microscopy Facility Daniel Stoddard Daniel.Stoddard@UTSouthwestern.edu 518-932-3971
UTSW Department of Biochemistry NMR Core Dr. Feng Lin Feng.Lin@UTSouthwestern.edu (214)648-7447
UTSW Flow Cytometry Facility David Farrar david.farrar@utsouthwestern.edu 24-648-7315
UTSW Genomics Sequencing Core Chaoying Liang Chaoying.Liang@UTSouthwestern.edu or Indu.Raman@UTSouthwestern.edu 214-648- 7324
UTSW Gnotobiotics Core Cassie Boyd cassie.behrendt@utsouthwestern.edu 8-3062
UTSW High Throughput Screening Core Bruce Posner, Ph.D. bruce.posner@utsouthwestern.edu 214-648-0285
UTSW Hospital Investigational Drug Service Core Sylvia Mathew sylvia.mathew@UTSouthwestern.edu 214-633-2163
UTSW Image Processing Core Keith Hulsey Keith.Hulsey@UTSouthwestern.edu
UTSW MEG Core Staff RADMEGResearch@UTSouthwestern.edu 214-645-0682
UTSW MRI Core For customer inquires contact: RTR@UTSouthwestern.edu
UTSW Machine Shop Trung Nguyen Trung.Nguyen@UTSouthwestern.edu 214-645-8553
UTSW Macromolecular Biophysics Resource Chad Brautigam Chad.Brautigam@UTSouthwestern.edu x5-6384
UTSW Medicinal Chemistry Core Joseph Ready, Ph.D. joseph.ready@utsouthwestern.edu (214)648-0313
UTSW Metabolic Phenotyping Core Ruth Gordillo, Ph.D. Ruth.Gordillo@UTSouthwestern.edu 214-648-2566
UTSW Metabolomics Core Hamid Baniasadi, Ph.D Hamid.Baniasadi@Utsouthwestern.edu 214-648-6927
UTSW Microarray & Immune Phenotyping Core Facility Indu Raman indu.raman@utsouthwestern.edu 2146456071
UTSW Microbiome Research Laboratory Prithvi Raj prithvi.raj@utsouthwestern.edu 214-648-7323
UTSW NMR Metabolomics Core Facility Anke Henning, PhD anke.henning@utsouthwestern.edu
UTSW Neuro Models Facility Erik Plautz, Ph.D. erik.plautz@utsouthwestern.edu 214-648-3569 (email preferred)
UTSW Neuroinformatics Core Genevieve Konopka genevieve.konopka@utsouthwestern.edu 214-648-5135
UTSW O'Brien Kidney Research Core Center: Animal Model Core Thomas Carroll, Ph.D thomas.carroll@utsouthwestern.edu 214-648-8147
UTSW O'Brien Kidney Research Core Center: Cell Biology, Pathology and Imaging Core Leslye Grant Leslye.Grant@UTSouthwestern.edu 214-648-3496
UTSW O'Brien Kidney Research Core Center: Clinical and Translational Research Core Orson W. Moe, M.D. orson.moe@utsouthwestern.edu
UTSW O'Brien Kidney Research Core Center: Physiology Core Jessica Lucas Jessica.Lucas@UTSouthwestern.edu 214-648-0240
UTSW O'Donnell Brain Institute Biorepository Benjamin Greenberg, M.D. Benjamin.Greenberg@utsouthwestern.edu 214-645-0555
UTSW O’Donnell Brain Institute NeuroMicroscopy Core Shin Yamazaki, Ph.D. shin.yamazaki@utsouthwestern.edu 214-648-1830
UTSW Perot Foundation Neuroscience Translational Research Center (PNTRC) Mariam Andersen mariam.andersen@utsouthwestern.edu
UTSW Pre-Clinical MRI Research Core Janaka Wansapura, Ph.D janaka.wansapura@utsouthwestern.edu x52733
UTSW Pre-Clinical Radiation Core Facility Michael Story Michael.Story@utsouthwestern.edu 214-648-5557
UTSW Preclinical Pharmacology Core Noelle Williams noelle.williams@utsouthwestern.edu 214-648-5072
UTSW Proteomics Core Proteomics Core proteomicscore@utsouthwestern.edu
UTSW Rodent Behavior Core Shari Birnbaum shari.birnbaum@utsouthwestern.edu 214-648-5123
UTSW Small Animal Imaging Resource Ralph Mason ralph.mason@utsouthwestern.edu 214-648-8926
UTSW Structural Biology Laboratory Diana Tomchick, Ph.D. Diana.Tomchick@UTSouthwestern.edu 214-645-6383
UTSW Tissue Management Shared Resource Cheryl Lewis, PhD cheryl.lewis@utsouthwestern.edu 214-648-7597
UTSW Transgenic Technology Center John Ritter and Mylinh Nguyen john.ritter@utsouthwestern.edu; mylinh.nguyen@utsouthwestern.edu 214-645-6288
UTSW Translational Gene Therapy Core (TGTC) Steven Gray, Ph.D. steven.gray@utsouthwestern.edu 214-648-0670
UTSW Translational Molecular Imaging Core For customer inquires contact: cyclotron@utsouthwestern.edu
UTSW Whole Brain Microscopy Facility (WBMF) Denise Ramirez, PhD denise.ramirez@utsouthwestern.edu 214-648-0203

non-iLab Cores at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Bioinformatics Simmons Cancer Center Resource Director yang.xie@utsouthwestern.edu
Bioinformatics McDermott Center Manager chao.xing@utsouthwestern.edu
Biostatistics Simmons Cancer Center Resource Director xian-jin.xie@utsouthwestern.edu
DNA Genotyping Core McDermott Center Lab Manager vanessa.schmid@utsouthwestern.edu
DNA Microarray Core Lab Manager jinchun.zhou@utsouthwestern.edu
Electron Microscopy Core Director kate.phelps@utsouthwestern.edu
Flow Cytometry Core Children's Resaerch Institute Facility Manager nicolas.loof@utsouthwestern.edu
Human Genetics Clinical Laboratory McDermott Center Director humangeneticscore@utsouthwestern.edu
Live Cell Imaging Core Resource Director kate.phelps@utsouthwestern.edu
Mouse MRI Core Director masaya.takahashi@utsouthwestern.edu
NEI Vision Research Core Director jerry.niederkorn@utsouthwestern.edu
Next Generation Sequencing Core Lab Manager mdcngs@utsouthwestern.edu
Pathology Core Manager shreeya.khatry@utsouthwestern.edu
Protein Chemistry Technology Core Director haydn.ball@utsouthwestern.edu
Rapid Biochemical Kinetics Core Core Director elliott.ross@utsouthwestern.edu
Sanger Sequencing Core Lab Manager sequencingcore@utsouthwestern.edu